Kusadasi Izmır ADB Shuttle Transfer


Shuttle Transfers are the cheapest, fastest and easiest way of travelling. Regal Travel is number one for the comfort and fast transfers. Regal Travel offers airport, resort and city transfers for you on transferforkusadasi.com.

You may be unfamiliar with the city that you are travelling. You may not know how to go to a resort from the airport. So Regal Travel helps you with Shuttle Transfers. These transfers cover the routes from İzmir ADB to Kusadasi, from Bodrum BJV to Kusadasi, from İzmir ADB to Ozdere, from Bodrum BJV to Ozdere, from İzmir ADB to Kusadasi Golf Resort and from Bodrum BJV to Kusadasi Golf Resort. The prices for these routes are shown on the table. The prices change for one way routes and for return.

You can find Shuttle Transfers on transferforkusadasi.com. This is the easiest way to make reservations for the transfers you need. This website provides the best way for payment, billing, availability and online confirmation. You can get all of your transfer details quickly.

Regal Travel offers the cheapest way of transfers for groups. If you are travelling as a group you can benefit from discounts. There are cheap packages for 1-6 pax and 7-14 pax which are available for one way routes.


We do not provide shuttle services from 15th of November 2014 to 15th of March 2015.


  •  İzmir ADB – Kuşadası £7 
  •  Bodrum BJV – Kuşadası £8 
  •  İzmir ADB – Özdere £8 
  •  Bodrum BJV – Özdere £12 
  •  İzmir ADB – Kuşadası Golf Resort £8 
  •  Bodrum BJV – Kuşadası Golf Resort £8 


  •  Kuşadası - İzmir ADB £14 
  •  Kuşadası - Bodrum BJV £16 
  •  Özdere - İzmir ADB £16 
  •  Özdere - Bodrum BJV £24 
  •  Kuşadası Golf Resort - İzmir ADB £16 
  •  Kuşadası Golf Resort - Bodrum BJV £16  

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